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We are proud to invite you to the LIFE-FLAREX final event on June 17th from 10 to 12 CEST.

This event will be organized remotely as a webinar.

The aim of this webinar is to present the key findings and outcomes from the LIFE-FLAREX project and open a debate on the implementation of hazardous chemicals’ substitution strategies and opportunities for the textile industry, in particular for flame retardants (FRs) used in textile finishing processes and other ongoing trends that are applicable to the sector.

The agenda is available here.

This webinar is organized by LIFE-FLAREX project team, with these objectives:

1. Present key findings from the LIFE-FLAREX project as a case study aimed to find sustainable alternatives to FRs based on halogenated compounds and antimony.

2. Discuss main findings with international experts and increase stakeholders‘engagement.

3. Inform the textile industry about policy advances and new approaches.

4. Collect industry feedback about a pressing topic.


The webinar is free of charge.

Registration is required for participation. Please register using the form available here.

Please note that, as capacity is limited, registration will be on a first-come, first-serve basis.

mail: polo.tessile@cittastudi.org
Ph: +39 015 8551148
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